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Review: Speed Limit Alert from NetConsulate Software Pvt. Ltd. SCIENCE Review: Speed Limit Alert from NetConsulate Software Pvt. Ltd. - If you have a bad habit of occasionally exceeding the speed limit, this just might be the solution: Speed Limit Alert app for Androids from NetConsulate Software Pvt. Ltd. With the Speed Limit Alert app, you set your own speed limit. The app measures... more (Updated Jul 29, 2016)

86 'Good Restaurants' in Las Vegas NEC 86 'Good Restaurants' in Las Vegas - Looking for a 'good restaurant' on the Las Vegas Strip? Here's my list of more than 80 restaurants you'll almost certainly like. The list was compiled from an original dining list of more than 700 restaurants in the Las Vegas valley. The finals were ... more (Updated Jul 24, 2016)

Who is Jojo Mayer? MUSIC Who is Jojo Mayer? - I've done a Tribute to Buddy Rich and a follow-up Tribute to Carl Palmer. Today, I was introduced to this video of Sergé 'Jojo' Mayer, who's now one of my favorite drummers.... more (Updated Jun 5, 2016)

Give It To Me, Baby MUSIC Give It To Me, Baby - I was never a big fan of Rick James, but I had one of his songs going through my head today. In the process of downloading it, I stumbled across this cover. It doesn't make me like Rick James or the song any more, but it's the creative aspect that I ... more (Updated Apr 17, 2016)

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