Health Scare or Hell Care

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March 22, 2010

As most Americans already know, the passage of the health care bill was a bad decision.  The argument that every American should have access to health care is an illogical argument.  The truth is that all Americans already have access to health care.  Having access doesn't mean everyone can afford to pay for medical care or insurance coverage, and it doesn't mean that those who can't afford to pay for it should get it free.  Access means availability, and health care is available throughout the United States.  Whether you can afford it or not is another issue.

Some people argue that too many Americans want health care but can't afford it.  I disagree.  Like any business, medical care and insurance prices are based on sound principle of supply and demand.  If Americans want to pay less for medical care and/or insurance, they can start by avoiding the doctor.  This can be achieved by living a healthier lifestyle, e.g., stop smoking, stop drinking, stop eating at McDonalds.  But Americans don't want to sacrifice those pleasures, and sadly, most Americans are too lazy to exercise.

I oppose the health care bill for two reasons:  1) health care and insurance coverage simply isn't the government's business or responsibility, and 2) the American people don't want it.  It's not even necessary to debate the costs and other statistics.  The bill is nothing less than an expansion of the government of history's most overlegislated nation.

Fortunately, I'm confident the law will be successfully challenged in the courts, and repealed in the near future.  My guess is that the Democratic party has lost a lot of support for many years to come, and those who are responsible for this mess will be ousted in the next election.  I'm also predicting that the next presidential election will be a slam dunk for the Republican candidate - whoever that may be.

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