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Lucky Defined in Images
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Lucky Defined in Images

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Lucky Defined in Images

This single-vehicle rollover accident occurred on U.S. Highway 100 just outside Flagstaff, Arizona State Route 59 near Hurricane, Utah (USA).  (The corrected location is based on reports by,, and

The pick-up truck was traveling about [55 mph / 75 mph / 83 mph, depending on who you believe] when it crashed through the guardrail.  In the picture above, you can see where the truck broke through the guardrail, on the right side of the culvert, where the people are standing on the road, pointing.  It flipped end-over-end, bounced off and across the culvert outlet, and landed right side up on the left side of the culvert, facing the opposite direction from which the driver was traveling.

The 22-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger were unhurt except for minor cuts and bruises.

Now look at the second picture (below).

Lucky Defined in Images

If this guy didn't believe in God before, do you suppose he believes now?


User Comments:
nanadaire - Jun 9, 2011 02:16:35 — I've seen this particular story floating around the internet for quite some time, but there is one thing about it that really bothers me. Whomever began the circulation may have had the correct information to begin with, or perhaps someone changed it. But, just so YOU at least know, it did NOT occur on "U.S. Highway 100 just outside Flagstaff, Arizona". In fact, it occurred 249 miles from Flagstaff on US Highway 59, 0.7 miles East of Hurricane, UT. I had to go through my journal to find the exact date of the wreck (December 30th, 2006)and my photos aren't as dramatic as the ones you have (since mine were taken from below on Highway 9). Naturally Highway 59 was closed while emergency personnel took care of things.

The photos on are pretty good except the last one is squished. Your photo is actually much better for portraying the depth of the drop.

And just for fun, if you "Google Map" Hurricane, UT you can zoom in and "drive" up Highway 59, following a Semi truck, to the exact location and have a look see of the area. Zoom in on the first 59 east of town, change to Satellite view then find the Semi pulling a trailer,then zoom in some more. Place your little orange man behind the Semi and follow him up the road (make sure you are going up hill. It truly is a steep road.) You'll know you are at the location when you see the cement barrier on the left (there is one on the right as well) and in the background you can see a telephone transmitting station across the gorge.

Our family has actually had another scary experience at this exact location, so I am more than a little aware of the danger of it. Just thought you might like to know the truth.
Jonas - Jun 9, 2011 02:45:04 — Thanks, nanadaire, very much for taking the time to point all this out.  I've corrected the location and cited the attributes.  I also updated the speeds which vary from report to report.

You are right - the ...more

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