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Simple Key to Weight Loss

Categories: Health

You may have seen this before.  It's no secret.  But I only know of one weight-loss expert (I'll call her Susan) that emphasizes this formula:

fat grams x 9 ÷ total calories x 100 = percentage of fat

For example, I just ate a sandwich with mayonnaise. On the mayonnaise label, it shows 7 fat grams and 70 total calories.


The mayo is 90% fat!

Don't be fooled by "low fat" labels or "diet" products.  Remember this formula and learn for yourselves which food is fattening and which food isn't.

As Susan tells us, you MUST eat!  One small candy bar has the same fat content as a bushel of grapes.  So if you must eat, and you don't want to gain weight, which would you choose - the candy bar or the grapes?  It's a no-brainer!  There's no excuse for being obese.  With rare exception, it's a simple matter of choice.  If you eat fattening foods (even those that are labeled "low fat"), you will get/stay fat.


User Comments:
George-Ann(GA) - Sep 30, 2010 12:01:01 — Love this formula. Can you get me the resource data for this. I am doing a research project for my BSN and have not seen this before. Would be a different tool to use for the teaching section of my project but would have to have reference. Thanks! Love your site! GA
Jonas - Sep 30, 2010 12:31:01 — Hey GA!  The formula comes from Susan Powter ("Stop the Insanity!").  It is on her website at  Her formula is actually incomplete.  You must multiply her results to get the percentage.  In the example above ...more

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