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Way To Go, Jonas!

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Ultimate squad is strong at AAU state meet


June 15, 2010

News-Sun Staff Report

Members of the Trampoline & Tumbling Team from Ultimate Gymnastics in Gurnee continue their successful season, by adding yet more state titles to an ever-expanding array of awards.

This time, the team was in action at the AAU-sanctioned state meet, held recently at Illinois State University in downstate Normal.

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These are some of the members of the trampoline/tumbling team at Ultimate Gymnastics in Gurnee that competed in an AAU-sanctioned state meet recently. Among the state champs were Karis Kovacs (top row at far left) and Amanda Stautz (middle row at far left).
(Special to the News-Sun)
In all, 19 members of the team took part in the meet, which attracted 600 participants from throughout the state.

Three of the Ultimate team members came away with state titles in their respective age/sex groups.

• Karis Kovacs won in the Advanced Division on trampoline and double-mini.

• Amanda Stautz won in the Advanced Division on trampoline and double-mini.

• Jonas Maxwell won in the Novice Division on double-mini. He also was second in trampoline.

All told, eight members of the Ultimate team did well enough to earn invitations to the AAU-sanctioned Junior Olympics that will be held in Virginia Beach next month.

Besides Kovacs and Stautz, the others were Kirsten Hauswirth, Erin Pauly, Natalie Corduck, Mary Robertson, Berkeley Disch and Paul Coleman. Coach Rose Simpson is looking forward to the Junior Olympics.

"This meet is a lot of fun because very child from Illinois who competes is on 'Team Illinois' and all the states compete against each other," she said.

"The people you normally compete against at meets are now on your team and this creates a lot of fellowship between the kids and the coaches.

"I'm sure our athletes will do well and win plenty of medals for Team Illinois."

In addition to tumbling and trampoline, Ultimate also is home to a youth gymnastics program and also to a youth cheerleading program.

The facility is located west on Great America, between Grand Ave. and Washington St.



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Jonas - Oct 18, 2010 10:19:17 — I have no idea who this kid is, but with a name like Jonas Maxwell, I gotta cheer him on, right?!

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