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If You're Like Me...

Categories: Religion

If you're like me... will be betrayed by your own brother because his friend is more important to him than you are. will be forced to take a fifth-grade social studies test twice because, the teacher says, you finished it too fast.  (You will still finish the second time before anyone else in the class finishes the first time, and you get 100%!) will learn that your scoutmaster openly tells the dirtiest jokes in the organization (something that prompts you to quit because you know that's not what scouting should be about). will be cheated out of a blue ribbon by the chief judge, one of the high school administrators, because you are rebellious and defiant.  When you protest, the judge declares the contest a tie even though you had scored more points than your opponents.  From this, you will learn that the same adults who teach you good things in school will also teach you corruption. will learn that the scoutmaster's son, the bully of the neighborhood, will become a prison guard because he loves beating people. will be cheated out of the "A" you earned in your college English Composition class because, the professor says, you could not have possibly written something so good in such a short period of time. will be beaten on a busy street, and dozens of people will gather around to watch, but not one will raise a finger or a voice to help you.  And when the police arrive, they will arrest you for disorderly conduct because you didn't have the strength left (or desire) to run away like the others did. will learn that the courts have absolutely no interest in your constitutional rights.  Their goal is to get your money and rack up statistics. will learn that the police will take you into a jail cell, with your hands shackled to your side, and beat you, and that other police officers walk past without blinking an eye. will have traffic accident reports falsified by the police because the police officers weren't able to convict you of previous alleged traffic offenses, and this is their chance to punish you. will have your camera smashed by the police because you used it to take pictures of your traffic stop so you could defend yourself in court. will be accused of a crime, and when the evidence shows you were not a part of that crime, the police will fabricate other charges so they don't have to let you go.  They will refuse to admit when they've made a mistake. will learn that everything you'd been taught about America, freedom, and justice simply isn't true; that America is easily the most over-legislated (i.e., the least free), and possibly the most corrupt, nation in history. will learn that there is only one person who will consistently look after your best interests, and it isn't even you!  Do you know who it is?

"If you can't say something nice, let's hear it!"   — Joan Rivers

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