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(Dis)Honesty and (Un)Ethical Practice
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(Dis)Honesty and (Un)Ethical Practice

Categories: Opinion

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Here's an ebay item that caught my attention.  It's for a "Canon EOS 550D / Rebel T2i Camera + 75-300mm lens".  The price is only US$1.00!

I'm not that stupid.

The ad clearly displays the shipping information:

"Shipping: $899.00 Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service"

Here's the seller's explanation:

"Please Note that shipping is $899 because I want to avoid eBay fees..."

In other words, what the seller is essentially saying is that he/she is dishonest and unethical.  Despite that, he expects someone to buy this item from him.  And if the buyer is unhappy with the item...

"All sales are final. No returns!"

The seller adds:

"If you're not going to buy it, please don't ruin it for others. Thank you."

Translation: Don't interfere with my plans to rip off not only ebay, but potentially some unsuspecting idiot who's never bought an item on ebay before.

The seller writes that he's "going to be busy in school", so I'm guessing he's a bit on the young side.  And I'm more than confident he's on the corrupt side, which is why I'm including this on my website.  Sadly, this seller represents today's society.  Do whatever you have to do for yourself, and screw everybody else.  And if they don't like it, they can go screw themselves.

sweettrangerine (the seller's ebay username) is free to make his own decisions, and I would never try to impose my will on him or anyone else.  But since sweettrangerine posted this item on ebay, I now claim the right to use sweettrangerine as a blatant example of dishonesty and stupidity, a growing problem in America.  The difference between sweettrangerine and the rest of the Internet scammers is that sweettrangerine is not smart enough to cover his deception.  See, the trick to being a thief is that you don't tell people you're a thief.

My suggestion to sweettrangerine: Try being honest.  You'll see more success and prosperity in the long run.

One final tip that may destroy sweettrangerine's scheme: If an ebay user buys the item, sweettrangerine is legally obligated to sell the camera for $1.  But the buyer is under no obligation to have the camera shipped.  And if the item is not shipped, sweettrangerine cannot charge $899 for shipping.  How the item gets transferred from the seller to the buyer is negotiable, and is not part of the contract.  Of course, my guess is that if the camera does sell, sweettrangerine won't give a rat's patootie about his legal obligations anyway, so this point is moot.  I only include it to enhance the example of his stupidity.

On the other hand, someone may buy the item, pay $900, and be perfectly happy.

The listing ends on September 17, 2010 at 12:34:24 PDT.  To see the conclusion of this story, visit


User Comments:
Jonas - Sep 22, 2010 12:01:01 — The listing was removed a few days before it was scheduled to close (it wasn't me who complained to ebay!).

"If you can't say something nice, let's hear it!"   — Joan Rivers

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