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Thanks Much

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Nearly everyone I have had contact with, heard about, or read about in my life has had some effect on who I am today, and who I will become tomorrow.  But some stand out above all others.  I thank everyone, even my enemies who only made me stronger, but I would especially like to thank the following (in semi-chronological order):

  • My Father for being there...always!
  • My father for teaching me ethics and morals
  • My mother for teaching me patience, compassion, and so much more
  • My sisters for setting the standards I failed to follow
  • J.R. and Sally Rowan for being so grand
  • Greg for showing me that nice guys can finish first
  • All the Weilers for teaching me etiquette
  • Jesus for teaching me about sacrifice
  • Albrecht Dürer for showing me what obsession can accomplish
  • George Washington for being a master general; for fighting, literally, for his country; for contributing enormously to the establishment of America as a free nation; for having the courage and wisdom to serve successfully as our first president; and for remaining humble through it all
  • Thomas Jefferson for all the cool and inpiring quotes
  • Muhammad Ali for teaching me about principles
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for teaching me about persistence
  • Adolph Dassler for making the right decision, and for shoes with three stripes (if they're good enough for Jesse Owens, they're good enough for me!)
  • Jeff Woolum for building my confidence by confirming my I.Q.
  • Bill Gates for creating an industry supporting millions of employees and a career for me
  • Foundation Health for allowing me to be a part of that historical team
  • Heidi Lahammer for being a great boss and a good friend
  • Christina Chang for being a true "true friend"...still
  • Gino Vannelli for incredible music and inspirational, thought-provoking lyrics
  • Chicago for great music
  • Peter Cetera for more great music
  • Lt. Col. Oliver North for teaching me to stand my ground, literally
  • Karen Propp for hiring me
  • Richard C. Perry for trusting me and not giving up
  • The homeless people who appeared out of nowhere offering to help immediately following my solo motorcycle accident one cold, wet, miserable, early morning Christmas day
  • David Grace for teaching me diplomacy
  • Dr. Steven Thomas for putting me back together without charging an arm or a leg
  • Leo Schreven for opening my eyes
  • Elizabeth Mitchell for introducing me to Leo Schreven and for being one awesome true friend
  • Mountain View Seventh-day Adventist Church for teaching me acceptance and humility
  • Pastor Denny Krause for guidance, guidance, and more guidance
  • Pastor Brett Hadley for psychology, fun, and inspiration
  • Pastor Dave Wallace for caring about everybody, and for words of wisdom
  • Pastor Tony Arias for the most creative, thought-provoking, inspiring sermons and for being such a good friend - R.I.P.
  • Mistee Arias for her astonishing display of strength, courage, faith, and dedication, and for being such a good friend
  • Pastor Lyle Albrecht for the messages
  • Pastor Doug Batchelor for the facts
  • Toastmasters for teaching me how to speak (okay, they're not finished, but someday...)
  • Chipper for therapy, energy, non-stop fun, unconditional love, and his un-ending desire to please his master
  • Juneau for giving me a responsibility I needed and for coming back home every morning
  • Mariya for just being who she is, and for being the student I wasn't at her age
  • And, finally, Liya for being "the one" ("I'll never find the words...")


"If you can't say something nice, let's hear it!"   — Joan Rivers

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