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In Climate Change Group Apologizes for Violent Video, reports on a video ad produced by British clean energy group 10:10.  The video, entitled No Pressure, features exploding children.

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"In the first [vignette], a schoolteacher tells her class about energy-saving light bulbs and transportation alternatives, then asks students to raise their hands if they agree to use those 'green' options.  Most comply, but two shrug their shoulders and decide not to participate.  'That's fine, it's absolutely fine; your own choice,' the teacher says before she pulls out a detonator and summarily blows up the dissenters, to the shock of their classmates."

What do I think?  I think the children should be screaming more after the first explosion.  Some should start crying immediately, even becoming hysterical.  Some trembling would be good.  Also, the special effects could be better.  There should be more body parts, not just red goo.  They could have made it much more realistic, but I think overall, it's a failure.

Seriously, I'm undecided on the climate change issue.  I haven't studied the data, and wouldn't know how to study it even if I had access to it.  My opinion has been that if what Al Gore says is true, it's too important to ignore.  On the other hand, it doesn't appear that we can trust those who support the global warming position.  This video seems to be an example of that.  When progressives can't rely on the facts, they tend to go to extremes with an emotional element.  I'm certainly not motivated to cut my "carbon footprint" as a result of this ad.  I ride a motorcycle.  Isn't it enough that I risk my life everyday in an effort to reduce fuel consumption?

And, no, I wouldn't accept 10:10's apology.  This wasn't a case of an off-the-cuff comment that was made during an emotional outburst.  This video took a lot of time and effort.  There were clearly too many people involved who should've stopped and said, out loud for everyone to hear, "This is a bad idea!"  In fact, this video was so wrong, the actors, cameramen, etc. should have refused to participate even if it meant losing their jobs.  Position is irrelevant.  It doesn't matter if you support the climate change position or oppose it.  The ad concept itself was wrong, and should never have been put into motion.

Before this video, I hadn't even heard of 10:10.  From here on out, I'll always associate 10:10 with this video, and I'm sure there are millions of others who will do the same.  In the process of shooting this video, I believe 10:10 has also shot themselves in the foot.

Thanks to "Anochi" for preserving the video.


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