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When You Are in Deep Trouble...
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When You Are in Deep Trouble...

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A fox looks inconspicuous amidst a pack of hounds.

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Jonas - Oct 5, 2010 12:00:00 — I've been there more times than I can count!  And I can't believe the dogs didn't eat me!!  I sometimes wonder if I might be addicted to adrenaline.  Without it, why bother getting out of bed?  Like the saying goes: "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too muc ...more
Mary - Dec 10, 2015 12:15:34 — Today I got in trouble for cheating. What happened was, I was walking to my class and I didnt realize there was a back side to one of my english homework. English class is like first period so I decided to do something stupid and copied off (a) friend(s). Then when we were checking our homework wit ...more
Jonas - Dec 10, 2015 02:52:10 — There's so much good news in your story, I don't know where to start.

Let's start with "I'm dead".  You're not, Mary!  You're alive and well!  More about that in a minute.

The first bit of good news is the fact that you wrote your message on my website.  That tells me that you care.  That is such a HUGE step in resolving this!

Two of the most disturbing phrases I hear people say are "That's good enough" and "It doesn't matter".  Apathy is a killer.  And you are clearly not apathetic in this case.  You cared about getting the assignment completed, about getting a good grade, about not cheating (even though you say you did in this case), about your reputation, about being sent to the principal's office, about disappointing your mother, about your citizenship grade, about being goes on and on.  Caring is so important in life, so for that, you get an A+!

Even more good news: You're a student for a reason, that is, there are lessons you need to learn before you're released into the wild.  This is one of those lessons, albeit an unscheduled lesson.  This is an opportunity that many students never get.  Some students never cheat, so they don't get this lesson.  Other students cheat regularly, but just don't get caught.  They don't get this lesson, either.  But you know you did something that you know is wrong, you got busted, and you feel guilty about it.  Lesson learned.  So be grateful that you have the opportunity to learn from your mistake(s), and see that it doesn't happen again.

Still more good news: Although you feel like you're "dead", and whatever punishment imposed may be a disaster in your mind, don't give up hope yet.  First of all, if you're at a good school, your teachers, your principal, your mother, and anyone else involved will be intelligent enough to look at the trend, not just this one incident.  They will judge you in this case, but you will not be condemned.

I know you wrote that "he [your teacher] wouldn't believe me".  If that's true, he's not a very good judge of character.  He just may not be letting you know that he believes you.  He wants to reinforce the lesson, and he can't do that with sympathy and compassion.  Students who routinely cheat are generally known by the staff, whether they are always punished or not.  Teachers usually know the good students from the bad students.  If it's true that "[you've] never copied off anyone. [You've] never cheated.", and I believe it is, then your teacher, principal, mother, etc. will know that to be true, and your punishment will not be as severe as you think (unless you're in a Catholic school, and I'm not going there).

Still, whatever punishment is imposed, it will become a part of your life.  You cannot let it bring you down.  There are far, far, far worse things happening to people in America and around the world every day.  I think you know that.

And I'm not finished with the good news, either.  If you believe your mom is going to murder you, then you probably have a great mom.  Not only do you care about yourself, she cares about you.  Do you realize how many kids are rejected by their parents?!  So be grateful that she cares enough about you to want you to do well in school.  If you do well in school, you'll probably do well in life.  That's what she wants.  Besides, has she ever murdered you before?  Not likely.

I don't mean to pile this on too thick, but if you are in a school that would consider suspending you for a first offense, you must also be grateful for having the opportunity to attend such a strict school.  This will almost certainly make you a better person.  But I doubt you will be suspended, and certainly not expelled.  Expulsion is permanent, meaning you would be kicked out forever.  That's just not going to happen.

So whatever the punishment, suck it up.  Don't complain, and don't whine.  Take it like an adult, 'cause faster than you think, you'll be required to whether you want to or not.  If you're suspended, study hard during the suspension so you don't get behind.  Ask your teachers, not fellow students, for assignments during the suspension.  Let them know that you're willing to pay the penalty and work twice as hard to get back to where you were.  If you're grounded, find a way to make productive use of that time.  The point is to show everyone that you're strong, and that you're not going to be a loser in this case; that you made a mistake, and you're willing to do whatever it takes to be the winner you really are.  If you do this, everyone - teachers, principal, family, friends, and other students - will admire you in the end.

As for the "snitch", Mary, I have bad news.  That's life.  People snitch.  So don't make bad decisions thinking your BFF will keep it a secret.  The truth always gets out sooner or later.  Aside from that, be positive!

Good luck, and thanks for visiting my site!

Oh, one last thing.  This is very important.  Tell all the adults in your life to vote for Ted Cruz for president!
Ndndnd - Sep 26, 2016 06:58:18 — We were playing with the dog and then it bite his leg and then he was crying GOSH I I was scared because they are blaming everything on me ):

"If you can't say something nice, let's hear it!"   — Joan Rivers

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