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Boycott al.?

Categories: Opinion

November 14, 2010

I feel guilty that I listen to Kim Komando's radio show on Saturday mornings on my way to church.  Shouldn't I be listening to a Christian program at that time?  But I enjoy Kim's show, I admire and respect Kim, and I can often make use of her advice.  So for ten minutes on Saturday mornings, I listen to what Kim has to say before I spend the next four hours worshiping God.

This past Sabbath, I turned on the radio just in time to hear Kim slamming  Unfortunately, I didn't hear why she was so unhappy with

Today, I found the time to visit Kim's website,, and find out what did that has made her so unhappy.  According to this post on her blog, Kim's complaint stems from's initial refusal to remove a book about pedophilia.

"I am appaled at," she writes.  "And today, I see that pedophilia and porno movies that promote raping woman are all over the site.  I guess that they were always there.  I didn't find them until I went looking.  When I did, you wouldn't believe what is for sale on that site."

A few years ago, soon after my family arrived in America from Russia, we tried to find Russian-language books or books about Russia in local bookstores.  The first store we went to was Borders near Sahara and Decatur in Las Vegas.  The only book they had that was related to Russia in any way was the Dictionary of Russian Obscenities.  Now, I'm not the kind to complain.  I would prefer to quietly walk out and never return.  But now I have a wife and daughter, and I feel like I have an obligation to stand up more for what's right, and openly oppose what's wrong in our society.  I was angered that, out of all the books offered by Borders, the only Russian book was the Dictionary of Russian Obscenities.  The manager tried to explain that they offer what the public demands.  I didn't buy it (the explanation or the book).  I would find it difficult to believe that Borders ever had a single customer that came in demanding this particular book.  No, Borders put the book there because it was more likely to sell than books on Russian culture.  My family and I left the store and have never returned.

But what I quickly learned after this incident was that the problem was/is not limited to Borders.  Barnes and Nobles sells the same book.  So does  I've boycotted so many businesses in my lifetime it's sometimes difficult for me to find a business I'm willing to do business with.  The lesson is that all businesses, especially in America, exist to make money.  They will do whatever they can, and sell whatever they can, to achieve that goal.  That's their number one priority.  They don't give a rat's patootie about our children!

So, Kim, I agree with you...what did is unforgivable.  But that's life.  Yes, as a show of support, I'll join with you and boycott until either they change or I want to buy a book I can't find anywhere else.  But remember, Kim, we must also boycott Borders, Barnes and Noble, ebay, and virtually every other source of books in America.  In other words, we can no longer buy books, at least not for the low prices we're accustomed to in America.  And if it's not pedophilia and porn they peddle, it's something else.  So we must stop buying books from anyone, because they will all sell something we oppose.  That's the free market.  Sadly, that's America.


"If you can't say something nice, let's hear it!"   — Joan Rivers

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