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"A New Hampshire couple has pulled their son out of his local high school after the teen was assigned a book that refers to Jesus Christ as a 'wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist'."

"'It would be nice if someone would read this sad-eyed crowd the Sermon on the Mount, accompanied by a rousing commentary on income inequality and the need for a hike in the minimum wage. But Jesus makes his appearance here only as a corpse; the living man, the wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist, is never once mentioned, nor anything he ever had to say. Christ crucified rules, and it may be that the true business of modern Christianity is to crucify him again and again so that he can never get a word out of his mouth,' [author Barbara] Ehrenreich writes."

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The difference between Jesus and a socialist (or any other political figure for that matter): Jesus never forces anyone to do anything.  He never uses his power to fine or jail those who don't comply with his advice.  He teaches and encourages others to do what is right and good, but always lets them make their own decisions.  I admire that.

As for "wine-guzzling": one online dictionary defines "guzzle" as "to drink, or sometimes eat, greedily, frequently, or plentifully".  I've never read or heard anything about Jesus doing that.  I'd like to know what Ehrenreich's source is.

There are passages in the Bible that refer to wine.  My understanding is that the term used 2000 years ago for wine didn't necessarily mean alcoholic.  I do know that the Bible repeatedly discourages us from consuming any substances, including alocoholic beverages, that alter the mind.

Was Jesus a vagrant?  I haven't found any definitions that would seem to apply to Jesus.  He had a permanent home.  Working as a carpenter with His father, he had a good source of income.  He traveled as part of His ministry, but there is no evidence He wandered aimlessly, as a vagrant would.  He seemed to have a clear purpose for his travels.  There is no evidence that he was a beggar.  Quite the opposite is true - he was a provider to others.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Ehrenreich just doesn't like Christians or Christianity.  God bless her - I hope she can somehow find a way to recover.


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