Never Leave Home Without Him

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Whether you're taking the dog out for a walk or leaving for vacation, never leave home without MIKE.

Money - cash, debit cards, credit cards, or checkbook - whatever you use to pay for things when you unexpectedly need them.

Identification - driver's license, school ID, passport (for extended departures), etc.  Your ID will allow you to use your credit cards and checks.  In some cases, it is a crime if you are not able to adequately identify yourself.  In the worst case scenario, authorities will be able to identify you in case of an accident, which can make things easier on your family and friends.

Keys to the house or apartment, the car, and the office.

Electronics, such as cell phone, garage opener, car alarm remote, GPS, etc.

As long as you have MIKE with you, you have a better chance of getting out of just about any situation you may find yourself in.

Never leave home without him!

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