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Nevada / Rich in Art

Categories: Opinion

'Nevada - Rich in Art' is the message on one of Nevada's many motor vehicle license plate designs.
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"Nevada - Rich in Art" is the message on one of Nevada's many motor vehicle license plate designs.  "Rich in Art"...but designed by a fifth grader?

I don't mean to get all uppity, but if the state's rich in art, why didn't we use that instead of a child's crayon drawing?

According to the VSA arts of Nevada, "This is the only special plate designed by a child, Nevada 5th grader Beth Finta.  Beth was a student at Harvey Dondero Elementary School in Las Vegas when she designed this colorful plate of Nevada scenery.  Beth's design was chosen from [more than] 800 entries representing 11 Nevada counties to depict the richness of art we enjoy in Nevada."

How does this coloring book excerpt "depict the richness of art we enjoy in Nevada"?

Over the years, I've heard from countless visitors that Las Vegas and Nevada are lacking in the arts department.  The Guggenheim Hermitage isn't enough.  The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art isn't enough.  Centaur Art Galleries isn't enough.  What we need is a grade schooler with a box of Crayolas!

If Nevada is truly rich in art, why not use it to help get the message across?  It would appear to me that by using Miss Finta's drawing, which is certainly worthy of hanging prominently on her parents' refrigerator, what we are saying is that Nevada is either seriously lacking in the visual arts field, or we just don't know what true art is.

I don't know what grade Miss Finta's teachers might give for her work, but in this case, I would give Nevada an F with a big, fat, red crayon.

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