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Body-Slammed Bully

Categories: Opinion

This YouTube video shows Ritchard Gale, a skinny, scrawny seventh-grader, taunting and punching Casey Heynes, a much larger, linebacker-sized tenth grader at Chifley College in St. Marys North, Australia, who stands quietly and takes his licks like a man. But enough is enough.

This YouTube video shows Ritchard Gale, a skinny, scrawny seventh-grader, taunting and punching Casey Heynes, a much larger, linebacker-sized tenth grader at Chifley College in St. Marys North, Australia, who stands quietly and takes his licks like a man.  But enough is enough.  Heynes picks up Gale and "body-slams" the young, so-called "bully", then quietly walks away as Gale struggles to get up and hobble away in the opposite direction.  Viewers world-wide are apparently viewing Heynes as a hero, and Gale as a little prick who deserved what he got.

User Comments:
gary - Mar 21, 2011 03:16:11 — ahaha he got ROCK BOTTOMED LOL!!! :)

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