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Review: KGB (Kerry's Gourmet Burgers)
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Review: KGB (Kerry's Gourmet Burgers)

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June 22, 2011

Kerry's Gourmet Burger and Vodka Bar
There are two things I've found myself continuously seeking wherever I go: a good hamburger and a good hot dog.  These are among my favorite foods.

After passing Harrah's (hotel and casino) in Las Vegas a gazillion times, and repeatedly seeing a poster promoting KGB - Kerry's Gourmet Burgers - which made my mouth water each time, I finally broke down and gave it a shot.  It's an excellent location in the heart of the Strip, literally just a few steps inside the casino from the Strip sidewalk.

I was greeted immediately and cordially, and taken to my table without a wait.  The tables are high, with high chairs, of course, to match.  Personally, I prefer keeping my feet on the floor, but this is my biggest gripe, so I'll get it out of the way.

From my seat, there were two televisions in view - one showing professional baseball and the other showing college baseball - the most boring sport on the planet next to golf and curling.  Fortunately, the music made me feel right at home - Journey, Def Leppard, Queen, John Lennon, Alice Cooper.  Not too loud.

Casandra (with only one s), my server, provided excellent service.  I ordered the "American Standard" - a cheeseburger with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, shaved sweet onions, pickles, and mayonnaise on a white bun.  American cheese, of course.  Any deviation and, in my opinion, it's no longer a cheeseburger.

My meal was served within just a few minutes.  It looked thick and tasty, but I was skeptical.  It seems every wannabe gourmet chef wants to take this classic American dish and twist it with their own "special sauce", a bun sprinkled with some unidentifiable substance, or some other artistic element so that it no longer has that hamburger flavor.  Not Chef Kerry Simon.  I bit into this burger and - WOW!  Absolutely perfect!  I took another bite, and another, and another.  It was exactly what a burger should be.  It even had a bit of an extra salty taste, which I love (if you don't like salt, mention that when you order).  The lettuce was a large wedge of real iceberg lettuce, not that shredded stuff so many other places use.  The tomatoes, onions, and pickles were all fresh, juicy, and tasty.  This was, hands down, the very best cheeseburger I've ever had in my life (with the possible exception of a few I've made myself at home).  The french fries, which come with each burger, were also very good, although I would prefer steak fries if I had the choice.

You can read more about KGB and Kerry Simon on Harrah's web page, and see the menu (the prices on the menu have gone up a bit fom those shown on the website).

You'll almost certainly pass by Harrah's several times during your visit to Vegas, so if you like burgers, make it a point to visit KGB.  You will not be disappointed!

Note: KGB is billed as "A Burger and Vodka Bar".  I can't help you with the vodka review - you're on your own there.

User Comments:
Jonas - Jul 25, 2020 01:18:55 — KGB closed long ago, but there's another place that makes great burgers, if it's still open.  Bobby's Burger Palace in front of the Waldorf (formerly Mandarin Oriental) in CityCenter.  This is more like a fast-food place, but the burgers are still very good.

A few places I'm not ...more

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