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Simple, Effective Solution to Government (Over-)Spending

Categories: Politics

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Here's a simple, effective solution to big government:

Implement an "asset allocation" option when we pay our taxes.

Let the taxpayers decide where their tax dollars go each year.  If we (Americans) want to spend more on one government department and less on another, we could say so by specifying what percentage of the taxes we're paying are to go toward those departments.  If a particular department is not receiving enough funding to continue operating, maybe we should consider closing down that department.

This could also apply to the Social Security system.  We would get out of the system only what we put in.  If we don't want to put in, we won't get anything out.  If we invest heavily and the program works, theoretically, we should see healthy returns.

The system could also be effective in controlling over-spending in expensive programs that provide few direct benefits to the citizens.  If taxpayers felt we were spending too much and receiving too little in benefits - NASA, for example - the taxpayers could reduce contributions.  The department would be forced to cut back.

If Americans believe the government needs to spend more to solve the problem of global warming, they can put their money where their hot air is.  Or not.

We could also allocate salaries of government leaders - executives, judges, legislators, etc.  If Nevadans think a poor politican - Harry Reid, for example - should be out, but the unions want him to stay, the unions could pay his salary with their taxes while the rest of us pay little or nothing.  We would also need to allocate salaries of the executives of the various departments.  This would prevent the department heads from hoarding what little money the departments were being allocated by the taxpayers.

This wouldn't be a complicated program, and would be very easy to implement.  The IRS would just need to include in each tax form one or two additional pages with a list of recipients and a space to enter the percentage of our taxes to be allocated to those recipients.  Speaking of the IRS, they would not be exempt from the allocation program.

The program would be very effective, and would almost certainly make Americans feel better about paying taxes, knowing that our tax dollars are going toward government programs and leaders we support.  It might even encourage some taxpayers to voluntarily pay more than they are required to.

Sure, we might make some mistakes and occasionally cut spending in areas where it was needed.  But as a nation, we would not be spending where Americans don't want to spend.  As far as freedom goes, "want" is more important than "need".

"If you can't say something nice, let's hear it!"   — Joan Rivers

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