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Michael Bublé

Categories: Music

The business where I work often plays music related to promotional events.  For example, to promote the art of the late Steve Kaufman, we would play music by Frank Sinatra and The Beatles, common subjects in Kaufman's art.

So recently, the staff decided they'd like to play more of Sinatra's music, even though we aren't currently promoting any related events.  After hearing Sinatra for a few weeks, I got this song stuck in my head - I've Got the World on a String.  When I got home from work last night, I broke down and searched the 'net for some videos.  The first one I found was a live performance by Michael Bublé.

I remembered that name from the Las Vegas Hilton a few years ago.  I was driving a cab to earn enough money to bring my fiancée to the U.S. from Europe.  I dropped off a passenger at the Hilton, and the next group of passengers I picked up from the Hilton started telling me about how nice their suite was.

"It's Michael Bublé's suite," the voice from the back seat said.

"Who?," I asked.  I had never heard of him.

"Michael Bublé - his name's right there on the marguee!".

She went on to explain that Michael was headlining at the Hilton, and the Hilton provided him with a huge, luxurious suite.  But Bublé didn't feel comfortable in such a large suite, so he gave it to his family - my passengers - and Michael took their regular room.

I thought that was cool - a sign of a humble man.  But I still had no idea who Bublé was.

Almost seven years later, I'm at home searching Google for this Sinatra song that won't get out of my head, and up pops this video by Bublé.  So I gave it a listen.  This is good stuff.

Somehow, I feel like "Ol' Blue Eyes" would be smiling at this incredible talent!

Michael Buble singing 'I've Got the World on a String' during a live performance at Madison Square Garden.
Michael Bublé sings I've Got the World on a String at a live performance at Madison Square Garden.

User Comments:
Milo Dizon - Mar 4, 2015 03:29:22 — People around me say "Michael Bublé? Who is that? Youre young, why are you listening to that kind of lullabies? I replied and said. "I don't know who he really is, all I know is.. I want to sing with him on stage someday and to be recognized by him. Whatever song he sings, he calms dow ...more

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