Get a Brain!

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A man holds a sign that reads 'Get a brain! Morans'.

According to, this photograph is of a man seen at a March 23, 2003 protest outside a Boeing plant in St. Charles, Missouri.  On that day, approximately 350 peace activists staged a sit-in at the front gate of the plant, while about 75 [presumably Iraqi] war supporters came to the factory with signs discouraging the sit-in.  One of those war supporters was the man in this photo.

At, the subject was identified by Jason Brannon as Josh "Randy" Sullivan.

When asked by Brannon about the photograph, Sullivan responded, "I can't talk about that.  I'm in the process of suing that photographer and a bunch of internet people, if I can find a lawyer who'll represent me.  [To tape recorder] If anyone listening to this is a lawyer or an attorney, please contact my twitter so I can sue somebody."

Before you add my name to the list, Mr. Sullivan, please remember: "You can't squeeze blood from a stone."

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