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Armed Guards and Armed Teachers
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Armed Guards and Armed Teachers

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In the wake of the massacre of 26 people, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, last week, the debate over gun control rages on.  The simplest questions is whether we, as Americans, should be allowed to own guns.  Of course, our Second Amendment guarantees us that right.

Another question attempts to focus on what kinds of guns we should be allowed to own.  The term "assault weapon" is often used by those who seem to have no idea what it means.  But it makes certain guns sound as if they are inherently evil and should be banned.

The most important question of the moment seems to be this one: How can we make our schools safer?

To answer that question, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has proposed that an armed guard be placed in every school.  While I support the NRA, and I haven't seen details of their proposal, I think there are better ideas.  Here are my initial thoughts...

Disadvantages to one armed guard in every school:

  1. The bad guy(s) will know there is only one armed guard.

  2. The bad guy(s) will know who the armed guard is (assuming the guard is uniformed).

  3. The bad guy(s) will know where the armed guard is and, more importantly, where he/she isn't.

  4. It's too easy to defeat: Take out the armed guard first.

  5. It costs taxpayers a lot of money.

Advantages to allowing trained, qualified school staff members to carry concealed weapons:

  1. The bad guy(s) won't know which staff members are armed.

  2. The bad guy(s) won't know how many staff members are armed.

  3. The bad guy(s) won't know where the armed staff members are or aren't.

  4. For the bad guy(s), it would be more difficult to defeat.

  5. It costs taxpayers nothing.

I'm not saying an armed guard in any school is a bad idea.  Some schools need an army in them.  Some schools don't need armed guards at all.

I'm also not saying we need to escalate to the level of arming our teachers.  That would be insane, and we'd start losing teachers faster than we could count them.  Teachers teach because they love children and they want to help them learn.  Anything that interferes with that becomes a burden.  Enough burdens, or burdens that are heavy enough, will discourage or distract teachers from teaching, and motivate them to either find better districts or new careers.

What I'm saying is that there are a lot of teachers who are more than qualified to handle a concealed firearm, and many others who could easily become qualified.  Those teachers could obtain a CCW permit, if they don't already have one, and keep their weapon(s) - SECURED - in the classroom.  If a threat becomes present, they could help minimize the kinds of massacres we've seen at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and other schools.

Add armed guards where needed, training and coordination, and you might be on your way to a solid plan.

User Comments:
karina  - Mar 24, 2014 03:57:24 — i think teachers should have a gun for they can protect the students. it's better if a few people people die and the teachers can try to save them in stead of all the kids dieing. if thats going to happen there has to be teachers that are safe and won't use the gun for an advantage. take my suggesti ...more
karina gutierrez - Mar 24, 2014 04:00:24 — I also think that to prevent a massacre we should place a least 5-7 guards in every couner of the school. Like up the roof down below were the doors are at and around hidden. just to let u now.
Jonas - Apr 7, 2014 02:39:15 — Thanks for writing, Karina!  I agree with allowing trained, qualified teachers to be armed. But think about the idea of having guards around your school.  They'll certainly be used to enforce all school rules.  Do you want 5-7 guards watching you and your friends all day long?   ...more
Healing Enso. - Feb 23, 2018 05:56:15 — At many major shootings, there already was someone with a gun. In the Pulse nightclub shooting, the armed guard was the second to die. At the Vegas concert shooting, several of the band's road crew had guns. But did not have any intention of letting police seeing some unidentified civilians  ...more
Jonas - Feb 23, 2018 10:53:46 — "At many major shootings, there already was someone with a gun. In the Pulse nightclub shooting, the armed guard was the second to die."

Did you miss 'Disadvantages to one armed guard in every school'?  That's what makes concealed carry so important.

"At  ...more

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