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Pravda: America is Under Attack
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Pravda: America is Under Attack

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By Jim Jones / / February 28, 2013

Mention 9/11 and immediately you get the yawn brigade babbling "oh not again??!".  Well, honestly, I don't intend trying to put you to sleep - personally, if you cannot see that the official line is total bunk from statements made by [f]iremen and first responders who stated that there were explosions, to the literal myriad of documents and articles that show the official story was just as cleaver as Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman - then nothing I can say will change your mind.

For those of you who actually want some investigative work done and are prepared to consider (I didn't say, accept) a view that is contrary to what the NWO wants you to believe, then read on; hopefully I may make some sense.

Let's go back just a little way, pre 9/11.  Investigative journalist Greg Palast, exposed in 2001, a technique that the NWO (World Bank, IMF, global elite, illuminati and cohorts) use to asset strip a nation.  As mentioned in my previous articles - the NWO is not that smart as they continue to repeat a process, so if you can identify the mechanism used once - it will be used again if it was initially successful.  As a successful operation, it is often euphemistically referred to by a name or acronym - like the CIA coloured revolutions (rose, violet, orange, et. al.) in this case, the act of asset stripping was referred to as the IMF Riot.

The two words in the identifying name give us the clue as to who is behind it and how it works.  The final act of asset stripping is to promote a riot (total civil unrest/disobedience), bankrupting the country and collapsing the government.  Look at Ireland (PIIGS group).  Ireland was a standout economy 10 or 12 years ago; it was hailed as a model economy and I remember visits from Irish delegations to New Zealand to explain what they were doing and how they had such success.  Other EU countries were held up against Ireland and measured against Ireland.  Now Ireland (as others, Greece) is being setup for asset stripping.

What the IMF criminals do is to promote growth by fiscal policy and money supply; they want the country to gain wealth - the more wealth, the more they make when the strip it.  When they consider the time right, they change policy, call in loans and impose IMF conditions upon the governments; forcing the governments into the IMF policies of austerity, privatisation and deregulation.  Sound familiar[?  I]t should do as it is happening all around the globe - even here in New Zealand!  This economic terrorism, forces the people to riot; the rioting brings down the government and the IMF move to instigate their own controlled government (puppet government).  This puppet government, in order to dig itself and country out of the financial hole it finds itself in, sells off the nation's jewels.  Nationally own assets, power generation etc (all paid for by taxpayers and owned by the people) are all sold by privatisation to "overseas" buyers".  Industry is stripped, sold off and moved either off shore or closed down to prevent opposition to IMF controlled business.  What they have done by sleight of hand is obtain all real assets for worthless monopoly money that they printed and forwarded as "[l]oans".

How they do it is no real secret (how people keep falling for it is a mystery, though) so I'll take the liberty here to simplify the process by outlining it.

A credit rating company (an IMF patsy) goes to a country and says "we're going to do a credit rating of your country".  The country says great, we'll get a new rating. Later the credit rating company goes back to the country and says, "Well, you've got good stable government, you've got democracy (that's important because without it they can't work their scheme), you are paying off debt, the country has good infrastructure and workforce and your GDP is growing.  All things considered, we like what we see and award you AAA+ rating."  "Fantastic," says the government - happy that their governance has been "rewarded".

Then along comes the IMF/World Bank - "We see you have a very good credit rating - look, we can forward you 5 billion dollars at 3% PA on the strength of this credit rating - just think what you can do with that? - Build more infrastructure, maybe a new power station, water treatment plant etc - it will help you get re-elected.".

The government quickly takes up this fantastic offer and sees the chance of re-election that much easier.  But, reality sets in, the government finds that people actually have short memories and their expenditure is forgotten coming up to election year.  No problem - the IMF/World Bank are there to help prop up their model economy - the one touted as an example for other to follow.  Soon the county has substantial debt, but a government that has been elected on the strength of their social reforms and economic achievements. 

Nudge, nudge, from the IMF to the Credit Rating agency - "time for a re-assessment". A new assessment is conducted and the government is told "look, we don't like the ratio of debt to GDP and this isn't looking too good for you - we'll have to drop your rating to AA+."

Oh, the IMF get a copy! "Now listen guys, we have to increaseour interest rate to 5% because you are a greater risk now (usury); - (usually by having to refinance).  What do you mean, you can't pay that rate?".  "OK, then you have to implement our policies of austerity, you need to reduce government spending, contract the economy and so that you can pay us more".

This sets a downward spiral in the economy, a recession kicks in and government takings (tax revenue) is diminished because of less production, more unemployment and more payment for welfare (is this sounding familiar - it should be).  The government is close to default - panic sets in, the effects of the austerity measures take full force and the citizens finally revolt. The government is ousted and new elections are called.

Waiting in the wings is a political party with funding (wonder where that came from?).  This party promises to get the country out of the trouble with some help from the IMF and their friends in the World Bank.  People are desperate to ease the suffering - they are prepared to give any government a chance that can ease the hardship and turmoil.  And so, an IMF/World Bank puppet government is elected.

First item on the agenda - sell off state owned assets - get money for them so we can pay off a loan.  Wait a minute, who is going to buy the State Owned assets??  Certainly not the citizens of the country, (besides, the citizens of the country ALREADY own the assets, why should they buy back what they already own?) the country is bankrupt and so are it's people!  Silly me, of course I forgot, the IMF families with their multi-nationals have money (they make it) they can pay worthless money for the assets to pay off a worthless loan.

Now, having stripped a county of infrastructure assets, the next thing is to sell of industry - yep, privatisation/deregulation!  Open up the industry and farming to "overseas buyers".  (Guess who they are?).  A multi-national company buys out a viable a previously profitable local company.  They then strip that company - take what labour resources they feel are useful and close the factory because they already have a factory somewhere else that can make the same and they don't want added competition.  Oh, 500 out of work - sorry - that's the real market forces at play.

Soon the country is drained of all wealth, incapable of earning it's way out of any debt it might obtain (certainly not capable of exporting to sustain itself) and becomes dependant on the IMF/World bank for survival - Enter SERFDOM!

What, you find this hard to follow??  [Okay], Google up Argentina economic collapse.  Read what happened to that country and how they have suffered for [ten] years with little likelihood now of recovery.  Sure you will read famous economists spouting forth their various economic theories and maxims - but they are wedded to the IMF doctrine like a doctor who has to prescribe drugs because the drug company taught him and funds him.  Skip past the various woolly explanations of why things happened and look at what happened.  Then look at Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland etc and see if you can spot the same pattern happening there - coincidence?? Not likely!

Don't stop there - look at America - prize jewel for the IMF banksters.  America is being set up for IMF Riot.  Surely you can see that?!  [More than] 32% of manufacturing jobs have been lost in the US since 2000; almost 60,000 factories mothballed since 2001.  As in New Zealand, American coal mines are being shut down - Obama promising to bankrupt anyone opening a new one; who's behind this global warming nonsense anyway??  Follow the money!  (China is opening coal mines as quick as it can).  Everywhere you look in America, you see the tale-tail signs of a government preparing for rioting.  Recently the Justice Department said that it was lawful for Obama Drones to kill American citizens on American soil, under the National Defence Authorisation Act.  The Army has a plan for attacking Militias.  You have the very spectacle of Battlefield America - Americans being killed by their own government, on American soil!  How did you let it get to this??

I've pick out only a minuscule number of items here, the list is actually quite long and open to anyone who cares to look at the legislation that has been ratified to remove civil liberties in American and ready America for rioting.

Does any of this make sense?  Can anyone see what is happening?

There is only one county in modern history that has managed to pull itself out of the clutches of the Banksters - Germany.  Banksters did their utmost to destroy Germany after [World War I] - Lloyd George stated that he was amazed that the statesmen of the world were cast aside and the Bankers drew up the treaty terms.

Germany was utterly bankrupted - destroyed totally under crippling debt.  One person realised this danger and turned Germany from a [Third W]orld country to the world superpower in the space of [five] years.  From taking a wheelbarrow full of Deutschmarks for a loaf of bread to buying your food from loose change in your pocket based on Reichsmarks.  All he had to do is what nations around the world need to realise and do - he removed the Banksters money from Germany and printed his own!!

The problem for Germany was that Banksters could not let this isolated example of economic success survive - "what if other nations did it, we'd lose our wealth and control?".  The answer was simple, predictable and what they have always resorted to - use their proxy armies to fight a war against a sovereign state; this time, they would make sure Germany was buried.  Immediately post war, the Deutschmark was reintroduced; a voting system to ensure never again a strong political party would be elected and Germany was once again under the control of the Banksters and was their player in the EU and the Euro.

The only way forward, is to get out of the clutches of the IMF/World Banksters.  Even the IMF's own report states that over the last 30 years, countries that implemented the austerity programmes showed that the debt reduction plans, aimed at reducing debt and leading to prosperity, on the whole failed to do so.  ( 29 Jan).  Their own studies showed that the programmes failed - that they failed to reduce debt and failed in that they reduced overall economic growth.  So why?  Why flog a dead horse unless there is an ulterior motive?

If you still have trouble accepting the obvious, consider the 1 March 2013 austerity programme being enacted in America - America is set to exceed the cuts imposed by Britain (as a percentage of GDP) and are now well on the way to match Portugal on a similar basis.  Austerity is but another IMF slogan - don't fall for it.  It's never worked and why give real value (assets) for worthless monopoly money loans??

Ask anyone out of work - capitalism is not working!

Oh yes, 9/11 - thank you for reminding me.  We are getting to it; just laying the ground.

I asked before, how did American's let themselves get to this position??  How could they not see what was coming - how can they not see what has happened?


Trickie Dickie Chaney and his group when discussing how they could bring America to accept draconian measures, austerity packages and forfeit their civil liberties (effectively removing the Constitution), said that it would take some monumental incident - like the Pearl Harbour attack to shift America.  We all know that Pearl Harbour was an own goal, don't we?  A planned attack on America by the American administration and FTR.  (If you don't, read up on it).  Like the Lusitania incident before it (howbeit, of much smaller scale), it was a callous act to sacrifice human life (treasonable actually) for the express purpose of influencing public opinion.

"Look what I have here", said Dickie, "an old copy of Operation Northwoods".  (Yes, go ahead and Google it).  Under the influence of the [p]resident responsible for overseeing the murder of John F. Kennedy (LBJ). the Pentagon/CIA had come up with a harebrained scheme to fly a plane into a major landmark, blame it on others and profit from the public sentiment thereby generated.  (Another false flag incident like the USS liberty, Gulf Of Tonkin, et. al.).

Osamas Bin Hiding - great terrorist boogie man was already ingrained in the American psyche and able to strike fear into any would be traveller.  Now, the administration could delude the public into thinking that he could attack Americans in fortress America!  America has not suffered a war so that they had to undergone the rigours of a blitz and the hardships of sanction and deprivation brought about by the likes of [u]boat blockades so having killing come this close to home was earth-shattering for most.

Terror and the threat of more to come, galvanised a panic stricken American public to consider the loss of freedom a small price to pay to be protected from terrorism.  Little did they consider who really were the terrorist - all believing the official story which was as plausible as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

I don't want to go into all the details as to why 9/11 was an own goal - an inside job; there is just so much written on it and much better researched and written than what I could put before you.  I just want to focus on one small incident; something that came up when Baby Bush President's aide visited New Zealand.  For the life of me, I can't recall his name - didn't seem important.  He was a sanctimonious chap, greasy as hell and very self ingratiating.  He had a self imposed air of importance about him - obviously being on New Zealand national television was a big deal to him.

During the course of the interview, the reporter asked the $64 question - "what did you say to President Bush when you interrupted the class meeting??"  You might remember the incident - Bush was sitting talking to a bunch of kids (they appeared to be around [seven] or [eight] years old).  The aide turned, beaming to the camera and said - "I said Mr President, America is under attack".  I fell off my chair laughing!!

For those of you who didn't see the TV coverage of that "famous" incident - I'll walk you through it.

The aide, stormed into a school classroom where Baby Bush was sitting talking to children about their day at school.  He bent down and whispered into Bush's ear - "Mr. President, America is under attack".  Bush, trying to look intelligent, had a theatrical pause, looked toward the ceiling and then with a royal nod[,] bade the aide leave.  To wit, the aide promptly left the room and Bush went on with his class discussion about the important matters of [seven]-year-olds.  You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time!  Bush may be able to lie - well, actually he is a proficient liar, but you can't lie with body language.

Here is the Commander in Chief of America - sworn to defend and protect the county and her peoples; he is told, "Mr. President, America is under attack" and he quietly goes about engaging children.  Come on - ask yourself, is that a reasonable response?  I know that I would be up from the chair, "by whom, where, when, how, and by how many and from where, call my Chiefs of Staff and meet me in the war room.  Tell the Vice President to get airborne".  Surely some response like that would be applicable from a Commander in Chief.  Why would you casually sit and continue talking to children??

Bush was questioned about this later and his response lacked credibility as well as containing a lie.  Firstly, he said that his chiefs of staff were handling the matter and he didn't need to interfere.  Really?  So what was the "matter" that they were addressing??   This apparently was a new attack - if the aide is to be believed.  The only way a commander in chief would be happy to leave war planning to his chiefs of staff is if he already knew about the planning and was party to it.

Secondly, he tried to explain that he knew what was going on because "on the way in, I saw a news cast with the first plane hitting the building"!  Impossible - it took media hours to locate film of the first plane strike.  (I think it was reported as 12 hours after the event).  Whatever, it was not available for Bush to see as he went into the classroom.

Like the dancing Jews on the Brooklyn Bridge who said "they were there to record the event" - Bush knew in advance; he was privy to the detailed planning of the whole tragic episode and his actions and lies betrayed him.  Guilty!

So there you have it!  The IMF Riot scheme laid out for you for the complete asset strip of America - for the turning of America into a servile vassal of the IMF/World Bank.  America is set up for civil rioting and bankruptcy.  (Read my other articles on how the FED is promoting this by debt burden).

Yes, America is under attack - it has been going on for a long time; it is insidious, callous and conducted by the very people you trust (or are supposed to).  Your time is short, your options limited by your reticence to take action.  Don't leave it all to one or two as they will be eliminated, sites closed down and the Banksters contentedly marching on toward their goal.  Social media is your only hope - educating the masses.  Spread the word as some evangelical crusade.

Governments do not want you to know the truth (all governments lie at some time or another - some consistently as once one lie is uttered; they need to continue lying to cover the first).  The fear of government is if you know the truth, you may actually think for yourselves and if you do that, they ask, "how can we control them??".

The path of the world is toward serfdom; IMF/World Bank wants to remove the middle class, to remove personal property/ownership and make everyone subservient to the Banksters and their money.  They want your wealth!  This is the truth about IMF capitalism.  Fools who have some wealth, save several million dollars, think that they will be spared, part of the "elite group" but this elite group will only be a handful, all the others are pawns in their game and play along under self delusion and ideas of grandeur. 

Oh -

Be careful, the DHS knows you have read this article!  You are now officially a domestic terrorist.

"If you can't say something nice, let's hear it!"   — Joan Rivers

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