Mike Huckabee: A Parable

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By Mike Huckabee / October 10, 2013

October 10, 2013

Today, a parable for those who are losing hope in America's future...I hear people lamenting every day that the government is too powerful, young people don't understand concepts like freedom and privacy anymore, and we've gone too far down the wrong track ever to come back again.  But maybe we can all learn a lesson from the Judean date palm tree.  TreeHugger.com reports that for [more than] 3,000 years, that tree provided shade and fruit to the people of the Middle East.  But then came the Roman army, which wiped the date palm out.  After 1,500 years, archeologists unearthed a jar of seeds.  The seeds spent another 40 years in a drawer, until an Israeli university researcher planted one, just to see what would happen.  Miraculously, it sprouted and flowered.  It's now the oldest known tree seed ever to germinate.  So when you hear that American values are gone and will never come back, remember the Judean date palm tree.  As long as people carry the seeds of what made America great in their hearts, it's never too late to make a comeback.

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