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Cross-Country Runner Wins Contest Without Running Race

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CNN.comNovember 5, 2013

source: cnn

If only the world had more people like Codie Thacker.

It's not only that she's Christian; it's that she stood up for principle by refusing to wear bib number 666 in her high school regional cross-country meet last Saturday.

Thacker stood up for what she believed in, and sacrificed what was very important to her for what was most important.  Too many others would have said, "It doesn't matter."

Religious principle always matters.

Joe Angolia, KHSAA Communications Director "claims meet officials were not told Thacker objected to the number for religious reasons."

Thacker and her coach claim they did cite religious grounds as the reason for Thacker's objection.

Either way, did the KHSAA officials not ask when the objections were raised?  More importantly, what possible reason other than religious could anyone object to the number 666?!

The bottom line is that, although Thacker had been training a long time for her cross country competition, she had also been training for a more important contest.  And in that contest, she won.

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