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Formerly Invisible Dogs Seen for the First Time

Categories: Animals

By Felipe Carrasco Guzman / / December 23, 2012


In major cities around the world, it is commonplace to see abandoned dogs and cats on the street.  Two college students, Violeta Caro Pinda and Felipe Carrasco Guzman, decided to raise awareness of the plight of homeless pups in Chile with a creative approach.  The duo tied balloons to street dogs with phrases such as, "hug me," "play with me" and "don’t leave me."  The heart warming video shows what a mix of creativity and compassion can do to engage strangers and spread a bit of kindness.

You wouldn't see this in America.  Somehow, it has become a part of American culture that stray dogs are evil and must be sent to pooch prison.  One of the many freedoms we've lost in this country.  Dogs that are not on a leash are quickly ostracized, where in other countries, they are simply ignored.  Yes, occasionally a dog will bite someone.  But so will a homeless man.  Or a secretary.  Or a professional boxer.  It happens.

My dog likes to start fights.  He's a little guy, and he doesn't really follow through.  But I noticed just today that he, like most dogs, only picks fights when he's leashed.  Whether we're just out for a walk, or we're at the dog park, once he's unleashed, he makes friends very quickly and starts playing with the other dogs.  Somehow, it's the restraint, either the leash or a fence, that brings out the aggression.

But this video is about dogs in another land, and the good thing Pinda and Guzman did.  Dogs are man's best friend.  They deserve a hug, and a little play time.  They don't deserve to be ignored.

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