Everything Good in America

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Inverted American flag, a sign of dire distress.
Everything good in America is under attack.

Christianity is being replaced, primarily with atheism and Islam.  Even Jesus as a historical figure is being erased from our schools by the ACLU.

Individual liberty has been replaced with smothering government rule.

Traditional family values are being replaced with gay rights, bisexual rights, and transgender rights.

After thousands of years, marriage is being redefined, not to comply with God's commandments or to further refine our understanding of God's laws, but for the purpose of certain individuals who choose to live a deviant lifestyle to receive benefits they would not otherwise qualify for.

The U.S. Constitution is being shredded by the executive branch of the very government that is supposed to uphold and protect it.  The destructive actions of the executive branch are being upheld by the judicial branch, while the legislative branch sits on their hands and allows it to happen.

Obscenity laws are being ignored by a pop culture comprised of individuals that wonder why everyone else is so disrespectful.

Democracy is being converted to socialism as the result of our own elections.

Privacy rights are a thing of the past, thanks to the NSA.

The free market system is now so heavily regulated and taxed, it is far from free.

Health care is no longer between doctors and patients, but soon to be managed by a federal government that cannot even have a single website successfully designed, developed, and implemented.

Where we once watched objective news reporting by reputable, trusted anchors such as Walter Cronkite, we now watch blatantly biased reports that openly support political positions under the guise of "news".  Top stories include who will be booted from DWTS.

Enforcement of illegal immigration is under fire because there is such a large population of immigrants that support other immigrants, legal or illegal.  The term "illegal immigrant" is even being banned in many places.

Freedom of speech has become so distorted that defacing private property is considered art, but wearing a politically incorrect T-shirt is just reason for expulsion from school.

Do you see the pattern?  This is Amerika.  We now live in a bad society.  We are making all the wrong decisions.  We are electing our own corrupt officials - both Republican and Democrat - usually the lesser of two evils.  We are destroying our country, our people, ourselves.  It's happening in front of our eyes, and we don't seem to want to acknowledge it.

The problem is this: With every bad decision we make or allow, the result is the weakening of the fabric that made America so strong.  With that weakening comes vulnerability.  We are subjecting ourselves to increased risks of attack by those who have wanted to destroy us for decades.  Many of their operatives are already inside, and the attack is tacitly underway.  With the increased vulnerability comes an increase in the chances of our defeat.

And anyone who points this out is dismissed.  "Deal with it!"  "Stop complaining!"  "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!"  "You're over-reacting!"

The toilet has been flushed, the water is spinning around, and we're caught in it.  Do you want out?  Or are you going to let it continue to spin?

We have to make drastic changes now if we want to survive as a prosperous, free nation.  Drastic changes!  Voting for Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie in 2016 will not be nearly enough.  In fact, I'm predicting that it's going to take so much to turn this country around that 1) you wouldn't accept it as the truth, and 2) if you did accept it, you wouldn't be willing to do it.  It would be too inconvenient.  But I'm sorry to tell you that the alternative is going to be much, much more inconvenient.  Much more painful.  Much more destructive.

"It's 3:00 am and your children are safe and asleep.  Who do you want answering the phone?"

It's time to wake up, Amerika, and answer it yourself.

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