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Dad Arrested for Picking Up Kids from School Without a Car
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Dad Arrested for Picking Up Kids from School Without a Car

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By Jim Howe / / November 16, 2013

Jim Howe, father of two Cumberland County, Tennessee, school students walked to school to pick his children up.

He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

You see, the new school policy requires that parents get in a car and get in a line of all the other cars to pick their children up from school.

There doesn't seem to be a policy for parents who are walking, so South Cumberland Elementary School Resource Officer Avery Aytes concluded that Mr. Howe was being disorderly and placed him under arrest.

Mr. Howe's confrontation with Officer Aytes was videotaped.  You decide.  Is Mr. Howe being disorderly?  Should he just follow the rules, get in his car, get in line, and shut up like everybody else?

This was brought to my attention by Glenn Beck.  You can see Glenn's response here.

My response: This is news because it's in a small town, Mr. Howe videotaped it, and put the video on YouTube.  The sad reality is that this kind of idiotic oppression happens every day all across Amerika.  In Las Vegas, people are arrested for much less than this.  Mr. Howe would have been swarmed by Metro, and probably beaten.

This is the Amerika you live in.  This is no longer the exception; this is becoming the rule.  Government entities are establishing rules and regulations that benefit the government, not the people they serve.  Whether it makes sense or not, whether it works or not, whether it benefits the people or not, whether it's safe or not, doesn't matter.  If the government says do it, you're expected to do it.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  And the government has the support of mindless, oppressive, often un-educated police officers who, astonishingly, will do whatever they're told to do no matter how insane it is.

Mr. Howe is only one example.  If you haven't been a victim of Amerikan oppression yet, don't think for a minute it won't happen to you.  It is happening to all of us - one at a time.  Your time will come.

If you agree that Mr. Howe was unjustly charged, please contribute to the Justice for Jim Howe! defensefund.

"If you can't say something nice, let's hear it!"   — Joan Rivers

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