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Just Jumpy the Dog

Categories: Animals

By Omar von Muller / Just Jumpy the Dog

This video shows Jumpy doing what he knows best - go to his mark, lay down, on his feet, say his name, do backflips, turn to his right and left, swim underwater, look left and right, catch Frisbees, back up, walk slowly, jump on a skateboard over a ramp, wave hello, dive int a pool, look behind, shake his head, walk on his front legs through the slalom, dance right and left, water ski (sorta), crawl to his mark, skateboard in a halfpipe, play dead, "pee on Mommy", bow, put his head down, hop on his back legs, stay on his back legs, sit on his back legs, act shy, ride a scooter down a hill, go to bed, cover up, and wink.

Oh, yeah, he can also sit and stay.

Did I miss anything?  Oh, yeah...jump...high and far!

User Comments:
Jonas - Feb 18, 2014 11:50:32 — Omar, I need someone to do my taxes.  Is Jumpy available?

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