Income Inequality is a Good Thing!

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"Income inequality" is a good thing!

There will always be people who earn nothing, so $0.00 will always be the low end of the scale.

The only way income can then be equal is if everyone makes nothing.  Thank God that's not the way it is.

Let's say you earn $10,000 a year and I earn nothing 'cause I'd rather be surfing.  There is income inequality.

You don't want to live the rest of your life without a raise, so you work harder (or smarter) and your income increases.  Now you make $20,000 a year.  Income inequality has just doubled.  You are now earning twice what you earned last year, and it has not affected my income one bit.

You are drafted by the NBA and you now earn $1,000,000 a year.  Income inequality has increased dramatically, but I'm still not affected.  The economy is better 'cause you're earning and spending like mad.

You're elected to Congress, start promoting your products that will save the world from climate distruption, and now you're making billions.  I'm still surfing on the beaches of Las Vegas.  Thank God you're doing well 'cause without you, there would be no economy.

The greater the income inequality, the better off we are!

Unless, of course, I'm not only lazy, but greedy as well.  Then I start complaining that you should be giving me part of your wealth.  After all, you don't need all that money!  You ought to share that wealth with those of us who aren't as fortunate as you.

Forget the fact that you already pay all the taxes (I don't pay any).  Forget the fact that you already donate millions of dollars to various charities.  Forget the fact that you are the one who drives the economy through spending and hiring.  Forget the fact that what you earned is yours, that it belongs to you.  None of that matters.

What's important is that you have, and I have not.  That's just not fair.

The reality is that there will always be income inequality, and the more of it, the better.  The poor can never make less than zero.  They can only become jealous of the dog with a bigger bone.

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