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Need a Hitman?
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Need a Hitman?

Categories: Crime

craigslist.comJanuary 2, 2015

Las Vegas ad for a bodyguard, hitman.

Las Vegas ad for a bodyguard, hitman.

User Comments:
Jonah - Feb 11, 2017 04:47:43 — I wanna be one
Jimmy the Boy - Apr 26, 2017 12:34:46 — i have 2,500 to pay you?
Tristons hloeyfiled - Jun 1, 2017 07:06:55 — Kill this guy he is racest and stoped on they flags
Roger Miller  - Jun 14, 2017 11:49:08 — This is a man who is abusing my boyfriend, and I need someone to talk to him. He is a asshole. My boyfriend talks to me. And he has bruises. It hurts me because I feel like if it goes to far. He cant stop him. I just need someone to scare him! And make the abuse stop.
TJ - Aug 31, 2017 02:10:39 — Can u kill me for free tho
Bhristian - Aug 31, 2017 02:10:40 — Can i pay you to kill me?
TJ - Aug 31, 2017 02:10:59 — Can u kill me for free tho
Hitman - Oct 20, 2017 09:06:49 — What is thé next ?
Hitman - Oct 20, 2017 09:08:17 — I want kill someon for 5000 Dls
DQueen - Oct 21, 2017 04:04:29 — I saw this somewhere: Http:// anyone checked it out?
m3ko - Apr 5, 2018 04:51:20 — i need a hit man
lol - May 17, 2018 08:08:45 — lol

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