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Julia, the Piano-playing Robot
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Julia, the Piano-playing Robot

Categories: Entertainment

January 25, 2015

Julia Rose Gruenberg, 'Julia, the Piano-playing Robot'
Ten-year-old Julia Rose Gruenberg laughs in between performances on the Strip in Las Vegas.

There are hundreds of street performers in Las Vegas, both on the Strip and Fremont Street.  One that always seems to draw a crowd is ten-year-old Julia Rose Gruenberg, better known as "Julia, the Piano-playing Robot".

I see Julia occasionally in front of Bellagio on the Strip.  I haven't talked to her or her father who always accompanys her.  What little I know about her comes from what she has said during her performances, the signs posted in front of her piano while she performs, and a 2014 local television station news story.

I've stopped only long enough to watch bits and pieces of Julia's shows.  What's just as fascinating about Julia are the moments when she's not performing.  Yesterday, I watched her dance to the music coming from the Fountains of Bellagio as she crossed the street to go home.  "Dance like nobody's watching," as the saying goes.  She was doing just that.

Julia will be auditioning for TV's America's Got Talent on February 12, 2015.  She's energetic, by nature.  She's a natural entertainer.  You can't help but enjoy watching her "work".  And while her street show is just a little ragged, I think she shows signs of success.  As a pianist, a dancer, an actress, a could be any or all of those.

For now, I may occasionally shoot some stills of Julia on the street.  The photo above was shot on January 17, 2015.  While she's looking directly into the lens, this was not a posed photo.  It was a totally candid off-stage moment.  I chose it because it should give you a good idea of how expressive this young girl is, even when she's not on stage.

So we'll see what happens with Julia over the next few years.  If she doesn't make America's Got Talent, I think you might still be seeing her in other places.

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User Comments:
ROBERT GRUENBERG - Jan 26, 2015 07:56:18 — Hello and thank you for your nice story & candid photo of my 10 year old daughter Julia Rose Gruenberg! Julia and I started off 5 months ago street performing and in the beginning we did an act together(I was a comedian/chainsaw juggler for 22 years and appeared on Johnny Carson show and hundreds of ...more
Jonas - Jan 26, 2015 12:10:19 — Thanks, Robert.  I'll introduce myself next time I see you and Julia.

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