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Rascal Flatts Vegas Riot!

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February 25, 2015

Rascal Flatts band members Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney.  Photo by Jonas Maxwell.
Rascal Flatts band members (l-r) Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney, and Jay DeMarcus.
LAS VEGAS - Rascal Flatts arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel this afternoon amid NASCAR burn-outs to kick off their residency at The Joint.

Band members Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney each arrived (as a passenger) in a race car from the Richard Petty Driving Experience, momentarily disappearing in the smoke produced by "donuts".

The arrival included accompaniment by the Foothill High School Band.  Rascal Flatts donated a $5,000 check to the Foothill High School Falcon Band Boosters.

Rascal Flatts Vegas Riot! is the first country music act to be awarded a residency at the popular Las Vegas venue.

The opening is tonight, with the nine-show series continuing through March 14.

Ticket prices start at $39.50.  To purchase tickets or for more information, visit the Hard Rock Hotel box office,, or charge-by-phone at 1-888-9-AXS-TIX.

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Teresa Anne st John  - Sep 13, 2016 06:29:03 — Best thing in my life Gary levox make my dream come true it's worth see go that show you love it A lot of people

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