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Who Here Wants to be a Fire Engine?
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Who Here Wants to be a Fire Engine?

Categories: Opinion

March 9, 2015

Yvette Cormier's membership to Planet Fitness was revoked recently after she complained to management about a man using the women's locker room.

Ms. Cormier was in violation of the company's "Judgment Free Zone" policy.

The man, who goes by the name Carlotta Sklodowska, said that Planet Fitness told him, "You can use the locker room that corresponds with how you are dressed."

Does Planet Fitness require women to dress a certain way?  Do they require women to wear skirts or dresses?  Do they require women to wear bras?  The answer is no.

But when a man wants to use the women's facilities at Planet Fitness, all he needs to do is wear what are traditionally thought of as women's clothes.  Otherwise, he doesn't even need to resemble a woman.  Sklodowska didn't, according to Cormier.

In a statement released by McCall Gosselin, public relations director for Planet Fitness, members can use the locker room corresponding with their personal gender identity.

"Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity."

I'm reminded of several quotes which involve madness.

"I could be bound in a nutshell and count myself king of infinite space." —Hamlet

That's a great attitude, but it didn't really make Hamlet a king of anything, and he knew it.

Abraham Lincoln's favorite riddle:

"If you call a dog's tail a leg, how many legs would the dog have?"

Answer: Four.  It doesn't matter what you call his tail, it's still a tail.

In the classic film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, asylum inmates are asked "Who here wants to be an ad man?"  All seven inmates eagerly raised their hands.

"Who here wants to be a fire engine?"

They all jumped in even more excitement, their hands raised and arms fully-extended.

It doesn't make any difference what your "sincere" desires are in life.  It doesn't really matter what you sincerely want to be.  You are what God made you.  God made some of you confused.  That doesn't give you the right to try to confuse the rest of us.

The best way to avoid Planet Fitness' "Judgment Free Zone" policy is to avoid Planet Fitness.

"If you can't say something nice, let's hear it!"   — Joan Rivers

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