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My 2016 Presidential Election Candidate Choices

Categories: Politics

By Jonas Maxwell / August 6, 2015

Seal of the President of the United States

My choices for president, in order of preference:

  1. Any (Legitimate) Libertarian Candidate (L) - What can I say? I support the freedom for which our Founding Fathers fought and died. Only the Libertarian Party represents that kind of liberty.
  2. Ted Cruz (R) - Strong across the board, including immigration and Second Amendment rights. Willing to fight to repeal ObamaCare. Good, solid leadership abilities. Conservative Review Voting Score: A 96%.
  3. Ben Carson (R) - Weak on Second Amendment rights. Too nice. Not world leader material.
  4. Rand Paul (R) - Weaker than Cruz on ObamaCare and immigration. Good ideas, but not a solid world leader. Conservative Review Voting Score: A 93%.
  5. Donald Trump (R) - The one guy that might be able to get things done. Seems to be weak on Second Amendment rights and other important issues, but he has the "fire in his belly."
  6. Marco Rubio (R) - Has good ideas, but weak on immigration. Not world leader material. Conservative Review Voting Score: B 80%.
  7. Bobby Jindal (R) - Has good ideas, but not world leader material.
  8. Rick Santorum (R) - Weak on budgeting, economy, and Second Amendment rights. Not world leader material.
  9. Mike Huckabee (R) - Strong on moral issues and Second Amendment, but weak on immigration and other areas.
  10. Carly Fiorina (R) - Not the best man for the job. Not at all leadership material.
  11. Scott Walker (R) - Just so-so. Not world leader material.
  12. Rick Perry (R) - Weak on immigration. Not world leader material.
  13. Jeb Bush (R) - Weak on immigration. Not strong on any issue. Bad taste left over from his brother. Would not be able to unite the country.
  14. Chris Christie (R) - Corrupt politician with bad ideas across the board.
  15. Lindsey Graham (R) - Bad ideas across the board. Conservative Review Voting Score: F 47%.
  16. Any candidate other than Democratic, Socialist, or Communist.
  17. Deez Nuts.
  18. Any Democratic candidate other than Hillary Clinton.

User Comments:
Jonas - Sep 17, 2015 09:37:38 — Updated 9/17/15: Scott Walker moved up three spaces. Carly Fiorina moved up two spaces.
Jonas - Sep 30, 2015 09:08:03 — Rand Paul moves down two spots following his claim that Ted Cruz is "done for".
Jonas - Oct 10, 2015 12:07:05 — Trump loses two spots after his 'Eminent Domain Is Wonderful' statement.

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