Red Eye Radio Interview with Anthony Curtis

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By Red Eye Radio / / October 9, 2015

If I could choose my boss, Anthony Curtis would be a good one.

Anthony is the publisher of Huntington Press in Las Vegas, and is Vegas' leading authority on...well, you name it.

Anthony was interviewed yesterday on Red Eye Radio with Eric Harley and Gary McNamara by guest host Rob Marinko.  In the interview, they talk about Vegas gambling, hotels, casinos, deals, a touch of history, and more. 

Visit Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor website at  To learn even more about Las Vegas and read stories that will blow your mind, check out the books available through Huntington Press on, the bookstore of Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor.  You'll find best sellers such as Casino-ology, Kill Phil, The Art of Gambling with a forward by the late LeRoy Neiman, subscriptions to Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor, and much, much more!

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