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Speed Limit Alert from NetConsulate Software Pvt. Ltd.

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By Jonas Maxwell / August 13, 2016

Speed Limit Alert app for Androids from NetConsulate Software Pvt. Ltd.

If you have a bad habit of occasionally exceeding the speed limit, this just might be the solution: Speed Limit Alert app for Androids from NetConsulate Software Pvt. Ltd.

With the Speed Limit Alert app, you set your own speed limit.  The app measures your speed based on GPS tracking, and can display your speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.

The normal speed is displayed in green.  If you exceeed your speed limit, known as a Speed Limit Crossing, the display turns red and the app sounds off an audible alert.  Sirens are the default, but you can also use your own ring tones.

You can adjust the duration of the alarm, in seconds.  The alarm will continue to sound for the duration after you've reduced your speed below your speed limit.

The app allows you to send the audible alert through your Bluetooth deivce, so you can hear the alarm and your passengers will be none the wiser.

You can set a delay so that the alarm sounds only after the delay period.  If you exceed the speed limit setting, then reduce your speed before the delay setting, the alarm won't sound.

You can set the app to send SMS (text messages) to up to three different mobile numbers, and/or emails to multiple recipients.  Great for monitoring your kids' driving habits!

The app also offers a panic button that allows you (or your kids) to send pre-defined SMS and/or email messages to selected recipients with the touch of a single button.

While this app has exceeded my expectations, there are a few annoying features.  First, it has an "Altitude" display, which would be nice except for one small issue.  Altitude is height above ground level.  If your altitude is greater than zero, you really need to slow down!  The label should be "Elevation," height above sea level.

The next concern is that the "altitude" is measured in meters, and there doesn't seem to be a setting to change it to feet.  Not a major issue, but I'm guessing few Americans can convert meters to feet in their heads.

The "altitude" is also displayed with more than a dozen decimal points.  One or two decimal points would be plenty.  If anyone needs more accuracy than that, they should probably be using an instrument more precise than an Android app.

Overall, this is a great and useful app, well worth the price.  It literally may save your life!  It's available from Google Play for only $1.99.

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