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Santa and Rudolph Sing White Christmas

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By Joshua Held / YouTube

I found this video on a popular e-card site a few years ago.  I loved it so much, I added the mp3 to my annual Christmas playlist.  This year, I decided to post the video here and share it with everyone (as if my site will contribute to the almost 6 million views it has already had on YouTube).

It was recorded by The Drifters featuring Bill Pinkney on lead bass and Clyde McPhatter on tenor (both deceased).  The cartoon is by Joshua Held, who posted it on YouTube.

From Wikipedia:

The Drifters released a cover version of White Christmas that showcased the talents of lead singer Clyde McPhatter and the bass vocals of Bill Pinkney.  Their recording of the song peaked at number 2 on Billboard's Rhythm & Blues Records chart in December 1954 (it also returned to the same chart in the next two years).  In December 1955, White Christmas became the Drifters' first of 34 singles to register on the mainstream Billboard Top 100 singles chart, reaching number 80.  For decades, the Drifters' version of the song was primarily heard on R&B radio stations, getting little exposure elsewhere.  It received a boost in popularity in the early 1990s, when it was prominently featured in the film Home Alone during a scene in which the lead character Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) is applying his father's aftershave while mouthing the lyrics.  Radio formats as diverse as oldies, adult contemporary, Top 40, and country began playing the Drifters' version of the song, which was later featured in the 1994 films Mixed Nuts and The Santa Clause.


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