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Sam Swinnerton Cover of Billy Joel's 'Vienna'

Categories: Music

By Sam Swinnerton / YouTube

Billy Joel is not an easy artist to copy, but that didn't hold young Sam Swinnerton back.  This kid nails it from the very first note.  He's is a true natural musical talent with a great voice, albeit still developing.

Sam writes: "This is one of my favorite songs ever and I've had it under my belt for around a year now, but I've never really gotten around to make a video of it until now.  I really look up to Billy Joel as a person, as well as an artist, and was actually lucky enough to have seen him perform live back in 2014, and although he didn't play this particular song, it may have been the best concert that I have ever been to.  Anyway, I worked really hard on this, so I hope you like it!!!!"

I gotta agree with you, Sam.  Billy Joel has to be one of the very best live performers ever.  He is the first and only singer I ever saw that could run and sing at the same time without missing a note!

Sam "worked really hard" and makes it look so easy, earning a spot as my "Cover of the Month".


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