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Video Shows Passengers Fleeing from Las Vegas Strip Gunman
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Video Shows Passengers Fleeing from Las Vegas Strip Gunman

Categories: Crime

By Jonas Maxwell

This exclusive dashcam-type video excerpt (no audio) shows passengers fleeing after a gunman on a Las Vegas Strip bus began shooting, hitting two men, killing one.

Lying on the ground under the canopy on the right side of the screen is victim Gary Breitling, 57, of Sydney, Montana, who died from at least one gunshot wound to the chest.  Several men are trying desparately to save Breitling.

Passengers run off the bus as a security officer, with his weapon drawn, takes aim toward the bus.

Some people scramble to get out of the area.  Others stand and watch.

Behind Brietling, but not visible in the video, is the second victim, a Las Vegas man, who survived his stomach wound.



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