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Leonid & Friends - Chicago Covers
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Leonid & Friends - Chicago Covers

Categories: Music

By Leonid Vorobyev / YouTube

There are a lot of extremely talented musicians in the world.  Yet, there are not many that "blow me away."  Occasionally, I'll hear a band play, and one or two members stand out.  Rarely do I hear a complete band that impresses me.  When I discover such a band that plays music of my favorite artists, it's like finding the holy grail.

Last month, I discovered "An International Collaboration" - a group of musicians who play the music of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, one of my all-time favorite bands.  I thought I'd never see that happen again.

I thought wrong.

Both of my parents were music teachers, so as a child, I was accustomed to hearing a variety of musical styles and artists - Big Band, Dixieland jazz, John Philip Sousa, Frank Sinatra, and Chopin, just to name a few.

Although I grew up with The Beatles, and I admire to various degrees the talent of each member of the Fab Four, my first truly favorite group was, and still is, Chicago.  In 1969, Chicago, then Chicago Transit Authority, debuted and made a big impression on me, and the world.

A few days ago, I searched the Internet for Chicago covers, just for giggles.  What I found has absolutely amazed me.  A group of Russian and Ukraine musicians known as Leonid & Friends, led by Leonid Vorobyev (website), recorded a variety of Chicago covers, and did so very well.  The first one I found was 25 or 6 to 4, one of the first Chicago hits I remember.  I thought that would be my "Cover of the Month" until I heard the next cover, then the next, and the next.  They are all excellent!

Here's a partial list of their videos (with links):

The one I finally settled on is one of my favorite Chicago hits, from their sixth album, and seems appropriate given today's world political climate.  This is What's This World Coming To?.


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