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Thumbs Up, America! - Joe Mantegna

Categories: Entertainment

July 4, 2015

Joe Mantegna - Thumbs Up, America!

I had driven to Huntington Beach, California, for their 2015 Independence Day parade.

The grand marshal was actor Joe Mantegna.  I didn't realize that until the baby-blue convertible in which he was riding approached.  Mantegna was turned away from me, waving to his fans on the opposite side of the street.  Being a fan myself, I wasn't going to let that opportunity get past me, so I jumped out into the street and started chasing the car.

"Joooooooooooeeeeeeeee!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I ran alongside the car.  He turned towards me and waved as if I was the only other person there.  I quickly started shooting, and shooting, and shooting.  At one point I thought as long as he was facing me, I would keep shooting.  Maybe he was thinking "As long as he's shooting, I'll keep waving."

After I got what I thought would be enough good shots, I gave him a thumbs up as a way of saying "Thank you!"

He gave me a thumbs up in return, and I shot a few more.  This is one of those final shots, as his car pulled away and I ran out of breath.  This one remains one of my favorite celebrity photographs.

I had it printed on canvas stretched over a wood frame.  It measures 24 inches by 16 inches.

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