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France24 Météo (Weather Forecast) Music with Video - Truly Complete TEST

Categories: Music

By Jonas Maxwell / YouTube / April 15, 2020


I love this music!  And I'm not alone.

This is the music played during the weather segment on the France24 television news channel.  You can catch it at 0:27 and 0:57 past the hour.

It's among the most relaxing music I've ever heard (aside from Mozart and Bach which literally put me to sleep).

I don't know if this piece already has a title, so I'm calling it Météo - French for weather forecast.  Creative, huh?!

I also don't know who the Météo artists are, but they are obviously very talented professional musicians.  It's a great recording, very well-produced.  A perfect mix with lots of subliminal instruments.

There are a number of clips of this music on YouTube.  None are actually complete, but it's hard to tell 'cause the music loops and I can't really tell where it starts or ends.  Each loop is about 4:32, so I picked a starting point and faded out near the end of the third loop, hence, the 12:52 total time.  As far as I can tell, this is the most complete recording of the music without abrubt edits.  The closest other clip to being complete is the 13:32 upload by mrt•tv titled France 24 | Meteo/Weather Sound/Music (, which seems to start mid-stream.  Still, I used it as the main track on my production.

For the opening sound effect, I used the first few seconds of Vincent Brunet's Météo France 24 / Reproduction / 4K60P / 2020" (

Sadly, on my video, the video and audio are a few seconds out of synch.  I created it on an old Mac Mini with iMovie 5.0, so I'm not sure what went wrong (aside from memory, clock speed, HD space, etc.).  In any case, it's the music I wanted - the video was incidental.  My audio edits came out well, so...

Special thanks to the following users for unwittingly contributing their video clips:

eberhard grossgasteiger
Felix Mittermeier
Lisa Fotios
VisionPic .net
Ella Pix
Kelly Lacy
Free Videos
VisionPic .net
Naveen Sita
Filip Kljakic
Dmitry Varennikov
Tom Fisk
Space Space

I'm pretty sure all those clips said "FREE FOR USE".  If I'm wrong, just have your attorney call my attorney.  As Butterfly says in Gone With the Wind, "I don't know nothin' 'bout copyrights."  I think that's what she said.  Isn't it?

right click the link below,
to download my France24 Mètèo Music mp3

France24_ Meteo.mp3

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